The Klein's of Rowayton

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"With ETM Construction – you get what you paid for and ten times more!!! "

"While ETM was not our lowest bidder, the extra money vs. the other contractors more than paid for itself over the course of the job.  When you hire ETM, you have the confidence that your job will be done with the utmost integrity and professionalism.  The amazing outcome of our project wouldn't have been possible without their expert advice and experience.  You have the peace of mind that not only are they honest and fair professionals, but that the subs who they hire are of the highest quality and integrity. And at the end of the project, you have the confidence in knowing that they stand 100% behind their work and will be there long after the job is finished to follow up on anything that comes up.  Plus they are a pleasure to have around and keep the job site spotless while whistling a happy tune."

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